About Us

Australian Gulf Seafood’s is a very proud supplier of some of the world’s most ecologically friendly and sustainable seafood.

Encompassing the catchments of many fresh and saltwater rivers, as well as the inlet for the Arafura Sea, this abundant natural resource provides its inhabitants with macro tidal patterns and virtually unpolluted, clean green waters.

Many Australians claim the Gulf of Carpentaria to be one of the best fishing spots in Australia, but here at Australian Gulf Seafood we know it is, and we are looking for suppliers / buyers to share this wonderful seafood with the world.

ABN: 19 612 383 794
ACN: 612 383 794
Core businesses: Australian Seafood sourced from the Gulf of Carpentaria

Strong Family Ties

Australian Gulf Seafoods has a rich family history in the Gulf of Carpentaria dating back to 1940s.

The team grew up fishing in the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, learning how to catch Mud Crabs, Barramundi, Salmon and Mackerel. These long family ties are why this place holds such a special place in our hearts and why there is salt water in our veins!

Through these long connections and history with the Gulf, we have been able to secure exclusive buying agreements / contracts with the fisherman who already supply to the best restaurants and markets in Australia.

Our passion is to share this amazing seafood with the world.